KK Dead – The Bright and Soulful singer bid adieu at 53

KK Dead- The Bright and Soulful singer bid adieu at 53

Death of Singer - KK
This shocking news arrived at 11 PM on 31st May 2022. One of the finest, melodious and humble singers in the industry is no more, and the news seems unbelievable to many of his fans across the globe. Yes, singer Krishnakumar Kunnath urf KK breathed his last in Kolkata hours after performing in a music concert there in the city. He was just 53, and the reason for his death is still unknown. But the suspected cause is a heart attack.
The Bright and Soulful singer - KK
Not just his fans, but the whole music fraternity is in a complete state of shock. Besides being a soulful singer, he was also one of the outstanding composers. He is survived by his wife, Jyothi Krishna, and two children.
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What made KK different from other singers in the industry? It was his variations in singing with complete justice to every emotion. His powerful melodious voice won the hearts of people of various ages. He sang in multiple languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Bengali, Assamese, and Gujarati.
KK made his entry with jingles in the industry in 1999. His debut album was “Pal.” He sang 3500 + jingles and many people don’t know that he was not a trained singer. He got influenced by the songs of Kishor Kumar.
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His film debut happened with A. R Rahman’s Soundtrack. The songs from the album Pal, “Yaaron” and “Pal”, even after so many years give his fans goosebumps. He won several nominations in Filmfare for his outstanding work.
Once he said, a singer doesn’t have to show the face prominently. KK believed it’s more important for a singer to get heard.
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We, the fans of KK, are speechless and find it difficult to accept that his soulful singer is no more.
The heart bleeds to say goodbye to this wonderful singer, but it’s destiny and not in our hands. We will all remember him through his invaluable musical works. His songs were not just lyrics but powerful mantras to feel good in life.
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Rest in peace KK…… we miss you and will always.

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