A Paradox of Dreams by Harshali Singh- Book Review

A Paradox of Dreams by Harshali Singh – A Psychologically Rich Crime Thriller

Harshali Singh - Book Review


Some stories offer a perfect mix of elements from different genres, which makes them interesting to read. A Paradox Of Dreams by Dr. Harshali Singh is one such story with all the right components – from family drama to dark secrets. Even though it is the third book in a series, the first two of which I have not read, the book holds on its own in a great way. It delves deeper into the concept of dreams and how they shape our thinking.


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Charu, the protagonist, lost her vision at the young age of 9. With her sight gone, Charu is blessed with the amazing power of psychic abilities. She uses the power to crack kidnapping cases along with Ravi, who apart from being her lover is also the head of the SIT team. One night, Charu’s former friend, Prithvi, who is now a Minister, requests her to help find his kidnapped daughter Myra. While investigating the case with Ravi, the two unravel many dirty secrets and unanswered questions about Prithvi’s family. This opens Pandora’s box that impacts not only Charu’s life but also countless others. 

Character Development

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The characters are well-developed, and the author has exhibited great sensitivity in terms of handling Charu’s vision impairment. All the characters are well-researched and written to make them real and strong and help to add to the story in their unique way. 


Paradox of Dreams - Harshali
A Paradox of Dreams is not just a book about a criminal investigation. The story is based on the concept of dreams. It provides a great mix of feelings and personalities besides offering an insight into the dark lives led by the characters. It highlights the desperation that may make people bargain all they all have just to survive. The story also reveals how the helplessness of people unleashes the devil that resides inside them. 

Writing style

The author has used a language that is easy to read and understand. The crisp narration and the fascinating writing style make the book worth reading. The story has many subplots and numerous twists and turns which keep the readers engaged until the very end. 
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The cover is designed nicely, and the color combination suits the title and the theme of the book perfectly. It just makes you think about what kind of story will it be.

Final Verdict

 This is a must-read book for people who love a perfect thriller mystery that is gripping till the very last page, and I give it 4.5/5.