NH 10 – Movie Review

The Desperate and Her Fight

NH 10- p

  • Movie: NH 10
  • Cast: Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Deepti Naval, Darshan Kumaar and Ravi Jhankal
  • Director: Navdeep Singh
  •  Genre: Thriller
  • Rank:

Star (1)

It was not easy for Anushka Sharma to come up from her stiff acting and modeling into something more appealing, something that is related to acting. At the same time it is really a thing to see how she came up in this field and stunned the viewers. The impression of her acting in PK has not left from the minds of the viewers and again, she is present with the film from her production house, NH10.

Any good films don’t have a very complicated content. The theory is proved once again with this film. Revolving around the two characters mainly, Meera and Arjun, who steps in to danger when they witness molestation and tries to stop it. The rest, is for the viewers to enjoy.

One can not and should not leave the director un-credited for such an wonderfully tight and gripping film like NH10. Director Navdeep Singh with his team of talented cameraman and a heart accelerating background score presented a thriller to make the viewers sit at the edge of their seats.

Yet, every film has its weak point and NH10 also does. The weakness in the film is its protagonists. The teams of hooligans are big at muscles but do not seem to be a bit intelligent. May be it was the intention to contrast their animal-like nature with the civilized people, yet the lack cerebral class makes way for some questions also.

But the first and foremost duty of a film is to entertain the viewers. Here, NH10 is absolutely successful on that venture. It has those elements of surprise and shock that can lead the viewers to a total absorbtion.