Sampurna (Bengali Series): The Poignant Tale of a Married Woman

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Web Series Title: Sampurna

Cast: Rajnandini Paul, Sohini Sarkar, Anubhav Kanjilal, Laboni Sarkar, Rajat Ganguly, Prantik Chatterjee.

Director: Sayantan Ghosal

Genre: Drama

Rank: 4.5

This web series highlights many prevalent issues of our society, especially the marital abuse of women. The leading cast members are Rajnandini Paul, Sohini Sarkar, Anubhav Kanjilal, Laboni Sarkar, Rajat Ganguly, and Prantik Chatterjee. The director of this web series is Sayantan Ghosal. The detailing he has put into this movie well maintains his reputation as a talented director.  Sampurna was released in Hoichoi on 29 July 2022.
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Nandini (Rajnandini Paul) is newlywed to Raktim Sanyal (Anubhav Kanjilal), nicknamed Ruku. Ruku is a perfect man initially to the audience. He was always a bright student and has done brilliantly in his career. His mother (Laboni Sarkar) is very proud of him and admires him a lot. Sampurna (Sohini Sarkar) is Raktim’s sister-in-law. She is the wife of Ruku’s elder brother, Piku (Prantik Chatterjee). A responsible daughter-in-law of the home, she takes care of all roles proactively and optimistically.
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When Nandini enters the Sanyal family, Sampurna welcomes her as a younger sister. However, unfortunately, things do not turn out like Nandini would have expected her married life to begin. Ruku is revealed as a person obsessed with physical relationships. His extreme urge to satisfy his libido leaves Nandini shattered. He is ruthless and violent with Nandini without respecting or listening to her. When Sampurna comes to know about all this, she protests without a second thought. She stands by Nandini to bring her justice. Consequently, the rest of the family, including Piku, is against her.
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Sampurna portrays a common phenomenon in our society through a poignant yet powerful story. The Sanyal family is very similar to most people around us who try to keep their family issues within the house to avoid social stigma. Sampurna’s stand to bring justice to her sister-in-law is an eye-opener for all of us.
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She reminds us that we all have the power to face what is unethical. The director has done a fantastic job of making the episodes relatable. All actors have wholly justified the characters.
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Anubhav’s acting is commendable in bringing out the loathsome husband’s role. However, the animated intro could be avoided, as it does not suit the story’s level. Also, the last episode is over-dramatized. Nonetheless, the series is a must-watch for its simplicity, relatibility, and brilliant work of its crew members, and thus, IndiaCafe24 gives Sampurna an applauding 4.5 stars.