Mrs World Title Proudly Comes Back to India After Two Decades -Sargam Koushal

Mrs World Title Proudly Comes Back to India After Two Decades -Sargam Koushal

Sargam Koushal, a native of Jammu and Kashmir, won the well-deserved title of Mrs World 2022 on 18th December 2022 at the majestic event in Las Vegas. She proudly returned the said title to the nation after a long wait of 21 years.

Dr Aditi Govitrikar won this title in 2001, and no one could claim it ever since. Mrs Koushal broke the wait and the record of holding this title and added a feather to the country’s cap. Dr Govitrikar was one of the judges in the latest contest.

Mrs Koushal is a postgraduate in English literature. She is the wife of an Indian Naval officer and was a teacher in the past in Vizhag before participating in this beauty pageant. Her confidence, elegance, and accuracy made her beat participants from 63 countries and bag the prestigious title. She burst into tears and could not believe the reality while being crowned.

Mrs World is the pioneer beauty pageant dedicated to married ladies. It began in 1984 after taking inspiration from a similar contest named Mrs America. Mrs World was called Mrs Woman of the World for the first four years. The present title of Mrs World became official after 1988. Deserving women from more than 80 countries around the globe have participated in this honourable competition all these years. America has won the crown for the most time to date.

Mrs Sargam Koushal was wearing a beautiful pink gown in the final round that the famous designer Bhawna Rao designed. Her mentor was Alesia Raut, the renowned model and pageant expert. Before the host announced the final result, Mrs Koushal and Mrs Polynesia held hands, anticipating the voice. After Mrs Polynesia was declared the first runners-up, Mrs Koushal could not control her tears. It was indeed an emotional moment for her to give her nation back the title after nearly two decades.

After wearing the crown, she thanked the jury and the audience and walked the ramp elegantly in her pink attire. Sargam Koushal has made her state and country proud. She is truly an inspiration to all married women and proves that one can achieve their goals despite crucial responsibilities.