Exclusive Lane Offers Beautiful Serving Bowls at Affordable Prices

Exclusive Lane Offers Beautiful Serving Bowls at Affordable Prices

One of my colleagues was coming over last weekend and gave a short prior notice. He is quite senior to me, and I wanted to create a good impression as he was coming for the first time to my home. He was also bringing his family along, so I wanted to prepare fully for dinner. When I was chalking things out, I noticed I needed some serving bowls. I had some, but perhaps I was falling short of around two more.

Therefore, I began searching on the Web for portals that could provide me with quick delivery. I soon found the platform Exclusive Lane as a suggestion on the Internet. The extensive collection of products on this platform left me in awe. I searched for serving bowls and found a beautiful and reasonable pack of two curved bowls.

About The Hut Curved Serving Hand-Painted Ceramic Bowls at Exclusive Lane

The product comes in a package of two serving bowls. The material of each bowl is ceramic, and the shape is curved. The designs on the bowls are painted by hand and portray the hut culture. The artist has used multiple colours to portray the village scene.

The dimensions of each bowl are around six, five, and three inches in length, width, and height, respectively. The bowls have black borders at the rims. The hut design comprises trees, huts, and colourful polka dots. The weight of the composite pack is six hundred and ten grams.

My Reviews After Using the Hut Curved Serving Bowls from Exclusive Lane

Firstly, I received the product quickly, thanks to the amazing delivery service of this platform. Now, coming to the item, I am very satisfied with the purchase as the quality of this item is superb. The price of the pack is also affordable. The ceramic finish and sturdiness are more than I expected. Not only my family members but even the guests appreciated the cute and beautiful bowls.

The shape of the bowl is what makes it so efficient. The curved shape makes the product stand out from the rest on the dining table. I served snacks in these bowls, but one can also serve other items, as the space is sufficient. Also, the curved shape makes it convenient to dip the serving spoon inside. Any regular round bowl would have held lesser items than this one.

Though made of ceramic, the bowls are not heavy at all. They are easy to carry and transfer from the kitchen to the dining room with the items in them. The painting on the bowls is another attraction. The innocent and colourful portraits instantly connect one to the village scenes and cleaner environments. It sets a positive and pure mood while having the meals on seeing the designs. Also, as these are hand-painted and not digitally painted, both products have different patterns and shades, adding to their uniqueness.

I strongly suggest this product comprising two serving bowls to bring purity home. You can use it for daily use or serve your special guests and earn appreciation as I did.