Overwhelming and Long-Awaited Win by Argentina in the Epic FIFA Final

Overwhelming and Long-Awaited Win by Argentina in the Epic FIFA Final

The wait of Argentina is finally over as they bagged the world champion trophy on 18 December 2022 in Qatar. The FIFA World Cup final match was one of the most exciting and magical in football history. The clash between Argentina and France, particularly between Messi and Mbappe, was worth witnessing and will be remembered for a long time. .

The stadium looked packed with enthusiastic fans of both teams. Everyone realized the significance of the night, and the players knew their responsibilities. This match was special for Lionel Messi, who decided to take retirement after this one.

The Argentinian players seemed more dominant at the beginning of the game. A tackle inside the box led to a penalty in favor of Argentina. It led to the first goal by none other than Messi in the 23rd minute. Soon after this fantastic move, Angel Di Maria gifted his team by scoring the second goal in the 36th minute. Messi had initiated the pass with precise measurement. 

It was natural that the French team would try their best to take command in the second half. However, Martinez, the Argentinian goalkeeper, was alert enough to stop all attempts. A tackle inside the box again gave an opportunity to France via a penalty kick.

Kylian Mbappe made no mistake and scored a goal to make the score 2-1. It happened in the 80th minute, and before anyone could come out of the feeling, Mbappe scored another goal in the next minute. 

What seemed a one-sided match so long suddenly turned into a nail-biting scenario. The score was 2-2, and everyone knew what this meant. The extra time of 30 minutes was the time to settle the scores. Messi scored an overwhelming goal in the 108th minute.

But, things turned again when one of the Argentinian players touched the ball with his elbow as a reflex action. The referee awarded France a penalty kick, and Mbappe created history by being the second player ever to score a hat trick. The score was then 3-3, and at the end of the extra time, it was the penalty shootout to decide the winner of the FIFA World Cup Winner. 

Messi and Mbappe did their parts in the shootout, but other French players could not manage much. Hugo Lloris, the French goalkeeper, somehow could not connect and kept losing chances. On the other hand, the French shootout specialists also could not confuse Martinez. Finally, Gonzalo Montiel made a brilliant move to give Argentina a 4-2 win in the penalties and the World Cup. 

The crowd went ecstatic, and so did the players and their coach. It was a very emotional moment for Argentina as they had waited for this win for the last 36 years. Diego Maradona made this dream come true in 1986, and the nation waited for many years for the next World Cup. Also, Messi shall retire now, and this was the best and last gift he could give to his team, being the playing 11. 

Messi, his team’s captain, received the World Cup Trophy and the Golden Ball for being the Player of the Tournament. Mbappe received the Golden Boot Award by scoring eight goals, one more than Messi.