Indiacafe24 Kids Online Writing Contest Winners 2020

Category 1: Class 1 to 5 – Poem

First:  Anwesha Ghosh

Second: Avnish Mukherjee

Third: Adrija Paul

Consolation Winner: Panache Bharti

Category 1: Class 1 to 5 – Story

First: Palak Poorvi Singh

Second: Sanika Yadav

Third: Sachi Koul

  Consolation Winner: Adrija Paul

Consolation Winner: Biswaprakash Das

Consolation Winner: Riddhima Paul


Category 2: Class 6 to 8 – Poem

First: Sukriti Pal

First: Siddhanta Dutta

Second: Krishti Khandelwal

Third: Tanisha Ghosh

Consolation Winner: Angel Mittal

Category 2: Class 6 to 8 – Story

First: Siddhanta Dutta

Second: Sukriti Pal

Third: Devesh Sharma

Consolation Winner: Aahana Mazumdar

Category 3: Class 9 to 12 – Story

First: Prakriti Pal

Second: Sankalpa Das

Category 3: Class 9 to 12 – Poem

First: Prakriti Pal

Second: Anna Dominic

Third: Anshika Thakur

Consolation Winner: Sankalpa Das

Consolation Winner: Samayrra Ridvit Sachdev


Hearty Congratulations to all the winners and you all will be the part of the E-Book we will be releasing soon.

Once launched details will be shared so stay tuned

Winners Certificates will be mailed to the winners via shared email.

All Participants will also get a participation certificate and the same will be mailed.

                           We Request all parents to give us feedback about the contest so that we can do better next season. Share your feedback via mail