Was She Mine By Bajrang Sultana – Book Review

Was She Mine By Bajrang Sultana – A Book That Makes The Readers Feel Involved As A Character


Love stories tend to have stereotyped plots where the boy meets the girl, they fall in love, face their fair share of challenges, and finally unite. However, Was She Mine by Bajrang Sultana is a refreshing love story.


This book presents the beautiful and delightful romantic tale of Ved Aggarwal and Pihu. Ved is deeply in love with Pihu, but she is not too keen on starting a relationship. In fact, Pihu seems to be constantly running away from love. Whether Ved can convince Pihu to embrace love and move on in life with him, is what forms the rest of the story.

Character Development

 The characters are deep and rich and this is what makes them feel completely realistic.


The fact that the story has a great flow and offers something different from the usual run-of-the-mill love stories is its biggest USP. Moreover, it makes the readers feel involved not only as an outsider but as a character.

Writing style

The story has been written in a completely different style, which, despite being difficult, is quite good and has lucid language. The great writing style is backed by a solid plot, which further enhances the readability of the book.  
The cover page design I and the title of the book are both inviting and inspire the readers to pick it up for reading.

Final Verdict