The Popular Genres Of The Literary World

Being a book lover, reader, and reviewer, I love to stay surrounded by books. There are different formats in which we read books. It can be hardcover, paperback, audiobooks, or ebooks. It depends on the preferences of the readers to decide which format will match their reading habits. 
Just like the book formats, there are multiple genres. It again depends on the reader’s reading preferences, likes, and dislikes to decide which one they will love to read. Yes, the preferred author is indeed another criterion for them to buy or not to buy the book.


There is no other genre, that can replace or compete with this genre. There is so much love in the air that love stories or romance, be it normal, steamy, and don’t know whatever other varieties are there, always rule the bestsellers segment.


Aha! It is something I am in absolute love with. The mystery keeps the readers hooked till the end, obviously, if well written. The smell of suspense attracts me more towards Mystery books, and yes, there are plenty of bestsellers under this head.



For me, it’s my favorite genre. I am a diehard fan of this genre, and it has a close association with another genre, mystery. After romance, the thriller is the one that strongly rules the bestseller market. You can call it my first love in the world of books.

Self Help /motivational

Well, it’s not my favorite genre, but yes, I like self-help books. The only reason is that it helps you think differently, which may give your life a new dimension to imagine better. Religious books are also part of this genre and offer great life lessons.


A much loved genre for me. It opens up so many known and unknown facts about the person. The information is not only interesting but also showcases a different identity of the concerned person. 

Children’s Fiction

This genre creates a strong base and establishes reading habits for young kids. To me, it’s like the stepping stone in the reader’s world. Many life lessons are taught to kids through children’s fiction, and it holds a special place in my heart.


What other genres do you like, or which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to share.