Time Is Not Infinite by Paolo Ruggeri & Sadek El Assaad – Offering A Practical Approach To Time Management

Time Is Not Infinite by Paolo Ruggeri & Sadek El Assaad – Offering A Practical Approach To Time Management

  • Publisher: Engage Editore

  • Publication Year:  2019


  • Pages: 36

  • Rating: 4.2 on 5

Most people today, struggle to manage their time efficiently and this often causes extreme stress and frustration among them. Even though countless self-help books claim to teach time management skills to the readers, only a handful of them are truly effective. Recently, I came across one such book, which seemed too short in length for such an extensive topic. The book titled Time Is Not Infinite has been co-authored by Paolo Ruggeri & Sadek El Assaad.
The book is essentially written for professionals, who have become habitual of working laboriously while ignoring every other aspect of their lives.  It comprises 12 chapters with each chapter focusing on educating the readers about a single principle of time management. The book aims to help the readers to learn the skill of working smart rather than working hard. It can prove especially helpful for individuals seeking the best ways to organize their time more efficiently and improving their productivity without putting in long hours.
The best thing about the book is that it does not beat around the bush but rather comes directly to the point. Given its short length, readers can finish it in one go and that too within a matter of hours. Howver, that does not impact the effectiveness of the lessons being taught in any way. Moreover, each of the recommended methods is quite practical and can be implemented by the readers although it might require some effort.