The Yuckiest Lunch Box By Debbie Min – A Children’s Book That Sends Out A Strong Message

The Yuckiest Lunch Box By Debbie Min – A Children’s Book That Sends Out A Strong Message


  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B093NCFKP1

  • Language ‏ : ‎ English

  • Rating: 4/5


The world today has turned into a literal global village with people from different cultures, regions and religions living and working together. However, people still find it difficult to accept the diversity of food, culture, and everyday behaviors of individuals belong to a different community. Debbie Min tries to highlight this problem through her children’s book named The Yuckiest Lunch Box


Nari, a Korean girl, is excited on her first day in school in America and her mother packs her favorite Korean dish for lunch to make her day extra special. However, when Nari opens her lunch box in school, her classmates start teasing her and making fun of her food. A heartbroken Nari returns home hungry and requests her mother to pack an American lunch for her from the next day. Her mother accepts her request and soon she starts making friends at school. Then the school announces a cultural appreciation day where the children are asked to dress in traditional attire and bring traditional food. Will Nari risk being made fun of once again by her classmates or will she skip the event?

Character Development:

The author has developed the character of Nari beautifully and presented her as someone readers can connect with.


The concept and idea behind the story are quite interesting and well thought of. Despite being only 18 pages long, the book sends a strong message about the challenges children face when they need to interact with individuals from a completely different culture.

Writing style: 

The language is simple and fast-paced which makes the book easy to read and understand for children.
The illustrations make the book even more interesting to read and the title is based on the real-life experiences of the author as a child.

Final Verdict:

This is a good book for children and I give it 4/5.