The Unexpected Trail: Murder In The Building by Nisha Thakur – Book Review

The Unexpected Trail: Murder In The Building by Nisha Thakur – Book Review


Murder Mystery is one genre that develops a sense of curiosity and takes the reader on a journey full of ifs and buts. The Unexpected Trail: Murder in the Building is one such Murder mystery that matched the true essence of this genre.

I am well aware of the writing style of Author Nisha Thakur and have seen her growth. From love stories to mystery fiction, Nisha displayed her skill as a mature writer. Her latest work proved to be an interactive mystery thriller that makes a reader think about every step of the story. 

The Plot Of The Story

The story begins at the backdrop of Mahabaleshwar. Anvi and Raj are vacationing together and busy with their relationship’s anniversary celebration. They dated each other for 8 years, and finally, Raj proposed to Tanvi during this vacation. 

Tanvi was at the top of the world and happily accepted the proposal. The couple returned to Mumbai to begin the wedding preparations. But the wedding dream comes to a shattering halt when a dead body is discovered in the kitchen of Tanvi’s Mumbai home.

The surprising fact is that no one knows who the dead person is. Things turned worse for Tanvi the moment she got identified as the prime suspect. What will happen to Tanvi? Who is this dead man? 

Character Development

Each character, be it big or small, is developed and presented uniquely. It can grab the attention of the readers and keep them hooked till the end. Tanvi’s character is woven so beautifully that a reader can feel the emotions she was experiencing in different stages of the story.

The characters of Ganga Tai and Raj will make you think at every moment about whether they are good or evil. I like such characters who make readers wonder about their actual identity. Even the dead man character is so interesting that it managed to create a perfect focal point of the story. The secondary characters of the police personnel added up the humor in the story, which is quite entertaining. 

Writing Style

The language used by the author is simple yet entertaining. There is a perfect flavor of mystery in the story. It will keep the readers hooked till the end. But can’t deny the fact that the book needs another round of editing for perfection.

Otherwise, it’s good to go for a movie script. What I liked most about Nisha’s current book is that it offers a mix of romance, mystery, and friendship. I witnessed the growth of the author from her first book to now.

Final Verdict

For mystery lovers like me, the book will be a wonderful pick. Trust me you will never regret it because the story is super strong. I give this book 4/5.