9 Rituals Associated with Durga Puja 

9 Rituals Associated With Durga Puja 

Many people are familiar with Durga Puja. It is the biggest celebration in West Bengal. It also gets observed throughout the country, wherein tributes are offered to Devi. The Ashvin month’s Shukla Paksha is when the Puja begins on the Shashti Tithi. 

It lasts for 5 days till Vijaya Dashami. Each ritual performed during Durga Puja has a corresponding symbol. One must be aware of the mythical background of this devotion to understanding it. Also must, know why we observe Duja Puja in the manner we do.

Each year, Devi travels to her maternal home on land from her in-law’s home in Kailash. Durga Puja will be observed this year between September 26 and October 5. 

The Durga Puja Rites To Follow During The festival:

 The following is a list of all nine significant Durga Puja ceremonies. Take a glance at this.


The Goddess paksha begins on Mahalaya’s Amavasya. The Devi sets out on her trek from Kailash on this date. Individuals donate water on this day in honor of their departed ancestors. The Durga Puja celebrations begin with this act of remembering. 


The deity’s face gets revealed on this day (Panchami) to commemorate the occasion when she entered the world of mortals. The Kalaparambho puja serves as the ceremonial opening. As before, the bodhan and adhibas procedures. 

The Kola Bou Delivery on Mahasaptami

The plantain-based variant known as Kola Bou. She gets revered as Lord Ganesha’s wife. On Maha Saptami, she gets bathed at sunrise and then positioned next to Ganesh. 

The Nine Plants Puja

Mahasaptami is the festival of the Nine Plants. These plants get worshipped on Maha Saptami. Nine different plant species that represent the goddess’ nine different manifestations get worshipped. It takes place on Saptami Tithi. 

 Maha Ashtami– Kumari Puja

Kumari Puja: Girls who have not yet entered adolescence. They get revered on Maha Ashtami as the holy embodiments of the Goddess. Girls between the ages of 7 to 9 are often venerated in pandals while adorned as the deity. 

Sandhi Puja

The main Durga Puja ceremony is the Sandhi Puja. It gets performed at the time of Maha Ashtami and Maha Navami. The Sandhikhan gets recognized as the final 24 minutes of Ashtami and also, the opening 24 minutes of Navami. It gets thought to be the precise moment that Devi Durga killed the infamous demons Chando and Munda. 

Vijaya Dashmi

Vijaya Dashmi starts in front of the statues of the Goddess. Her family gets submerged in water to begin their trip back to Kailash. One should bow to those who are like elders. Ask their elders for their blessings, and bless people who are younger to them. 


The annual celebration concludes at this point. Elders’ feet get touched by young people. It’s a way of seeking the blessings of elders. Devi must finally return to her celestial dwelling. 

Before the idol gets submerged in water, worshippers dance and play before the Goddess. They take a vow to return the following year. 

The rituals are the heartbeat of the 5 daylong celebrations of Durga Puja. Bengalis eagerly wait for the arrival of this festival every year.

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