Rock Paper Scissors By Alice Feeney- Book Review

Rock Paper Scissors By Alice Feeney – A Nail-Biting Thriller That Keeps The Readers Engaged


Writing a suspense thriller can be quite challenging, which is why writing one that keeps the readers hooked to the end is definitely an achievement.

Recently, I came across one such book which turned out to be one of the best suspense thrillers, I have read in a very long time.

The book, Rock Paper Scissors penned by Alice Feeney became an instant bestseller in New York Times.    

Premise – Rock Paper Scissors

Adam and Amelia have been married for 10 years and are currently going through a rough patch in their relationship. Adam suffers from a condition known as face blindness, which makes it difficult for him to recognize the faces of people, including his wife. Despite the difficulties in the marriage, the couple shares traditional gifts on each anniversary. In addition, Amelia also writes a sentimental and honest letter to Adam each year, although she never allows him to read them. Then they win a weekend getaway trip to Scottish Highlands, where they plan to mend their marriage. They arrive at their secluded destination, which is a hotel, that has been converted into a deserted chapel and is located near a cemetery. Soon things start getting worse and the couple finds themselves trapped in a place with weird things going around them and no way out for them.

Character Development Rock Paper Scissors

The author has provided comprehensive details about the personality and background of both the main characters making it easier for the readers to connect with them. She also needs to be applauded for how she has made each character evolve throughout the book while keeping them realistic and believable.

Plot – Rock Paper Scissors

The book is a suspense thriller that has a married couple on the verge of ending their relationship in the foreground. Their plans for a romantic weekend getaway to save their marriage turn into a nightmare as they become trapped in a strange, eerie, ominous hotel converted into a deserted chapel. The story is interspersed with stark revelations and magnificent twists that keep the readers engaged till the very end.     

Writing Style Rock Paper Scissors

The cover page design is simple and appealing and maintains the suspense about the book’s theme.

Final VerdictRock Paper Scissors

This is a must-read book for people who love mysteries and thrillers that keep them on the edge and I give it 4.5/5.

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