Book Review: Operation Turquoise- A Special Force Spy Penned By Rani Ramakrishnan

A Book Review Of Operation Turquoise: A Special Force Spy Penned By Rani Ramakrishnan


Premise – Operation Turquoise

The Major is a seasoned field officer working for the super secretive unit of the Indian Armed Force.  He is called back from his holiday and assigned to complete Operation Turquoise, a mission to prevent the international criminal from attacking the country.

The criminal, known as The Poet, writes deep poetry with hidden messages and has shook the world with his big executions. He even recites his evil poetry while interacting with his fans through radio.

Armed with just a camera and his intelligence, The Major leaves for Cairo, to complete his mission without any backup plan or any weaponry support.   

Character Development – Operation Turquoise

Despite its short length, the book features quite a large number of characters. Thankfully, the author has managed to develop and present each character in a realistic manner. Moreover, every character plays an important role in taking the story forward and thus enhances its readability.  

Plot Operation Turquoise

Despite having a length of only 70 pages, the book is quite engaging primarily due to its meticulous plot. The author has manged to keep the story unpredictable which maintains the thrill till the very end. Every page of the book reflected the extensive research done by the author about the working of the intelligence units within the Indian Army. Most, importantly, the unique climax enhances the thrill and appeal of the book.

Writing Style – Operation Turquoise

The author has used a lucid and crisp language throughout the book which further enhances its readability. The the various twists are well-placed and do not disrupt the free flow of the story. There is no beating around the bush and the plot is fast-paced and to the point which makes reading and understanding it quite easy.  

The cover page design beautifully designed and provides an insight about the backdrop of the book.

Final Verdict – Operation Turquoise

This is a must-read book for people who love well-written spy novels or even a good thriller and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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