A Book Review Of Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew

A Book Review Of American Stonehedge -The Adventures Of Jimmy And Andrew Book 1 By Mike Goldstein


Children’s books are quite entertaining in their own way as they transport the readers into a world of fantasy and make them feel relaxed.

This is especially true in the case of adventure books that are so different and enjoyable compared to adventure novels written for adults. Mike Goldstein’s American Stonehenge The Adventures Of Jimmy And Andrew Book 1 is one such book that takes the readers on an exciting and thrilling journey.   

Premise – The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew

Jimmy, who has always wanted a dog, gets to pick one at the humane society on his birthday, and names it Andrew. However, he is astonished to learn that Andrew was born three thousand years ago in Egypt and is immortal. He is even more surprised to learn that the dog has telepathic abilities and can read the thoughts of both other dogs and humans.

Since its birth, Andrew has been roaming the earth in search of others of its kind, although it is only after meeting Jimmy that Andrew begins to learn more about his elusive ancestry. The two soon embark on an adventurous journey into the remote forests of northern Washington, where Jimmy’s archaeologist parents are deployed to excavate a newly discovered site. The site features a replica of Stonehenge in England and is shrouded in mystery that Jimmy and Andrew plan to uncover.

Character Development – The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew

The main characters of Jimmy and Andrew are extremely pleasant which makes the readers fall instantly in love with them. The presentation of Jimmy as a cool kid and the back story of Andrew as an immortal and telepathic dog has been handed artfully by the author.

Plot – The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew

The book takes the readers on an adventurous journey and enables them to experience history through a dog’s eyes. Despite its numerous twists and turns, the author has managed to keep the plot intriguing and engaging till the end.

Writing Style – The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew

The book presents a great mix of characters and situations that have been woven into an exciting tale. The language used by the author is simple and maintains the fun element of the book that makes it just suitable for middle-aged children.  

The cover page design is extremely colorful and appealing and provides an insight into the book’s theme.

Final Verdict – The Adventures of Jimmy and Andrew

This is a good book to read for people who love tales of adventure and thrill and I give it a rating of 4.0/5.

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