Dogboy v Catfish by Luke Gracias- Book Spotlight

Dogboy V Catfish by Luke Gracias- Book Spotlight

Few authors create a lasting impact in readers mind and Luke Gracias is one among them. We read and appreciated his last two books which were sequel: The Devil’s Prayer and No light Without Shadow. The earlier 2 books were on Environmental topic and historical thrillers. The expectation was that his 3rd book will be on same genre, but a twist came when we got to know his latest book is a story about a woman who marries a dog whisperer. Sounds interesting?  Head towards your Amazon online store and pick your copy.

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Know the Author- Luke Gracias

Luke Gracias is an Environmental Specialist who has been working part- time in the film industry since 2006. An avid photographer, Luke travelled through Europe and his home country Australia documenting the 13th Century conspiracy between the Mongols who came to Europe in search of the Devil’s Prayer and the Papal Inquisition.

Luke Gracias was born in Mumbai, India. He graduated in Marine Engineering before migrating to Australia in 1992. He completed a Masters in Environmental Engineering from the University of Melbourne in 1995. Luke has worked as an Environmental Specialist for over 25 years consulting for multinational mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and transport companies. An avid photographer, Luke has travelled extensively to encourage international companies to bring cutting-edge environmental technologies into Australia.

In 2007, he started a film production company called Instinct India. Instinct India line-produced the Australian shoot of “Singh is King”. The film became the largest Bollywood box office hit of 2008. He decided to learn the art of story-telling and undertook a number of courses in creative writing and film production. In 2014, he developed ‘The Devil’s Prayer’ as a film script. In 2016, he converted the script into his debut novel.

No Shadow without Light is the long-awaited sequel to The Devil’s Prayer—the Shadow Award Finalist 2016 – Best Australian Horror Novel. No Shadow without Light and The Devil’s Prayer are available on Amazon and at all Crossword bookstores.

Dogboy x Catfish – Blurb

On the day of her second wedding, Katherine Fisher, aka ‘Catfish,’ set the date for her divorce. In precisely 18 months, she would be entitled to half of their combined assets and receive maintenance payments until her five-year-old daughter, Emma, turns 18. Just as Catfish was about to take her husband, Lindsay ‘Dogboy’ Kramer (a successful businessman and dog whisperer) to the cleaners, he goes missing.
The police investigation into Dogboy’s disappearance leads them into the dark world of counterfeit designer goods, money laundering, and drug smuggling.

With Dogboy’s assets frozen and the mob protecting their interests, the missing persons case escalates to homicide. Catfish is in a race against time to get hold of Dogboy’s assets before the police get hold of her.
One question remains – is Dogboy dead or alive?

Book Extract of Dogboy x Catfish

When Katherine Fisher, aka ‘Catfish’ married Lindsay ‘Dogboy’ Kramer (a successful businessman and dog whisperer), she set the date for her divorce. In precisely 18 months, she would be entitled to more than 66 % of his estate. Days before Catfish takes Dogboy to the cleaner’s, he goes missing. Can Catfish get hold of Dogboy’s assets before the police get hold of her?

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