Book Review of Grabber By Jehan Zachary and Nirmal Pulickal

Book Review of Grabber By Jehan Zachary and Nirmal Pulickal – A Thrilling Tale Of Urban Legends And Supernatural Mysteries


Writing a thriller that keeps the readers hooked is often quite challenging even for the most experienced writers. However, Jehan Zachary has managed to accomplish this difficult feat although he is still a teenager.

The fact that his book Grabber is themed around an unusual topic is almost quite noteworthy. Even though, Jehan has written the book with some help from his father Nirmal Pulickal, his talent as a competent writer shines through.

Premise – Grabber

During the British era, Nuru, is a curious and notorious 12-year-old boy, who befriends a queen, who he learns is named Mumtaz and belongs to the Mughal times.Mumtaz teaches Nuru some magical things and also warns him about a secret prophecy. The prophecy is about the Black Taj Mahal, the twin of the White Taj and which got buried in the sands of time. Legend has it that the Black Taj hides the 64 hands chopped off by the artisans who build the White Taj. According to the prophecy, a ghoulish union of the 64 hands will result in the revival of the pisacha and lead to the destruction of everything. Will Nuru be able to protect his village and his people from this impending doom?

Character Development – Grabber

The author has done a fascinating job of presenting the characters interestingly. This is especially true for the characters of Nuru and Mumtaz, both of whom are fascinating and dynamic in their own way. Nuru’s efforts to learn the truth unravel his qualities of determination and courage.

Plot – Grabber

With the legend of the Black Taj Mahal in the backdrop, the story creates a sense of mystery and thrill. As the teenager Nuru sets out on the journey to find the elusive Black Taj Mahal, he has to race against time, to safeguard the people who mean the world to him.

Writing Style Grabber

The book highlights the storytelling ability of the young author as well as his knack to build intricate suspense and mystery. It is his skill that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats as they read the book. The combination of various mystical and supernatural elements in a balanced manner enhances the appeal of the book further.

The cover page design is colorful and intriguing and matches the book’s theme perfectly.

Final Verdict: Grabber

This is a must-read book for thriller lovers of all ages and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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