Book Review of Until I Find You By Kanchana Banerjee

Book Review of Until I Find You – A Captivating And Brutal Thriller By Kanchana Banerjee


The People’s Temple mass-murder suicide of 1978 led by the founder Jim Jones was one of the most inhumane acts in history. The event has inspired many literary works, almost all of which are credited to foreign authors.

While Until I Find You is not exactly inspired by the mass-murder suicide of 1978, it does take off from the event. The book penned by Kanchana Banerjee is a captivating and brutal thriller that explores the darkness inside human beings.

Premise – Until I Find You

Jenny’s world turns upside down after she comes across the picture of a boy in a travel magazine. The boy bears an uncanny resemblance to her friend Rubina, who lost her life nearly a decade back in a mass suicide that was inspired by a dangerous and charismatic cult leader. Driven by the guilt of not being able to save Rubina, Jenny sets out on a journey to learn more about the boy. Her investigations lead her to a small sleepy village in Rajasthan, where her path crosses with Inspector Virat. Virat is trying to solve the mystery of a decomposed leg found at a construction site. As the two continue their search for truth, they uncover facts that indicate the possibility of more sinister happenings. 

Character Development – Until I Find You

The author has built the characters of Jeeny and Virat quite convincingly such that the readers believe in them. She also needs to be applauded for bringing the arid landscape of Rajasthan to life in such a manner that it seems like a character of the book.

PlotUntil I Find You

Set in the backdrop of Rajasthan, the book draws inspiration from the notorious mass-murder suicide led by Jim Jones in 1978. The book has been narrated from different points of view with a special focus on how people are driven to commit mass suicide to stay loyal to the cult they have been following.  

Writing Style Until I Find You

The book is fast-paced and engaging which reflects the great storytelling capabilities of the author. Her imagination shines through as she takes the readers on a journey of suspense and intrigue leading to a gripping climax. The element of mystery adds to the complexity of the plot and increases the sense of foreboding.

The cover page design is simple and captivating and creates a perfect setting for the readers.

Final Verdict: Until I Find You

This is a must-read book for thriller and mystery lovers of all ages and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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