Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality By Namrata Kumari – Book Review

Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality – A Review

Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality By Namrata Kumari - Book ReviewAmazon

  • Publication Year: 2016

  • ASIN: B01E2PPKB2

  • Pages: 147, Kindle Edition

  • Rating: 3.5 on 5

3-point-5-starsI have always believed that the basic idea behind writing self help books is to enable authors to educate the readers about the importance of believing in themselves. This has yet again been proven by Namrata Kumari’s latest e-book, Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality. The cover of the book perfectly justifies the title as it features an image depicting the fact that whatever we believe in our mind is reflected in the way we see the world.
The book provides a detailed description of how we can overcome the beliefs that have been ingrained into our personality and take back the control of our life. Namrata Kumari points the way to achieve this objective through a 5 step process, which if followed can help us to change our reality into something we seek. Using the situations from her own life, the author provides an insight into living a stress free, fearless, happy and confident life that is full of numerous possibilities by simply changing our beliefs. In addition, reading the book also helps us come face to face with the biggest hindrances in the path of achieving our goals and the ways to overcome them.
Namrata Kumari has used the unique approach of asking questions and focusing on self-exploration to help the readers. She has also added quotes and references to help the readers better understand her theories and accept them. The book proves to be an interesting journey of self-discovery that helps the readers unveil the power of their own minds and how it can help them overcome the various set-backs and obstacles in their path of success.
Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality is an inspiring book that teaches the readers the art empowering themselves by eliminating the negativity and the limiting beliefs in our mind.