Book Review -To Cancer, with love: My Journey of Joy

Book Review Of “To Cancer, with love: My Journey of Joy” By Neelam KumarA Fighter’s Inspirational Story


Life is like a mountain with different peaks, hard to climb, but once you reach the top, the view is simply mesmerizing. I believe that everyone faces challenges in life, but the challenges that threaten people’s lives, change them irreversibly. Cancer is one such challenge and two-time survivor Neelam Kumar offers a survivor kit for countless other patients through her book, To Cancer, with Love: My Journey of Joy. Let’s start the book review with book premise.


As the tag line of the book reveals, it highlights the author’s journey through the deadly disease and how she overcame this toughest challenge of life with her positive attitude and determination. The book has two parts. The first part, “Carol And Me”, focuses on Neelam talking to her soul. The second part, “The Sea and Me”, talks about the life lessons that the author has learned from the sea. The book helps readers to look at this dreadful disease and even life as a whole from an entirely new perspective. 

Writing Style

Even though the book deals with a serious and sensitive topic, the author has managed to keep its tone humorous and light-hearted. She has exhibited a commendable hold over the language and her witty and sarcastic one-liners keep the readers gripped. She has used a simple narration style, which inspires the readers to triumph over any difficulty and highlights the courage of human beings. The book almost completely lacks any negative tone, which makes it different from other books written on the topic. 

Who Should Read

The book is a must-read for those who are suffering from or have a loved one in the grip of this monstrous disease. This book is strong and inspiring and stresses the importance of being in love with life and whatever comes with it. It compares the love of life to the vast sea where you can drink everything that pours into it. The author tries to convince the readers about cherishing everything in life, whether it is a dark tunnel or a path full of flowers. What makes the book truly amazing is that, even though it offers the worst details of cancer, the readers are left smiling and filled with great strength and inspiration. 
The design of the cover page is simple yet beautiful and focuses on highlighting the title. 

Book Review: Final Verdict 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to everyone. I give it a rating of 5/5 stars.