Book Review Of The Yogi Witch – Bloodlines and Legacies By Zorian Cross

A Book Review Of The Yogi Witch – Bloodlines and Legacies Penned By Zorian Cross


Premise – The Yogi Witch

Jai Gill is young and gay tarot reader, who fantasizes about a pop diva and harbors a secret. Jai lost his parents at the time of his birth and was raised by his grandmother and maternal aunts. He has inherited magical powers from his aunts and as a witch he slays demons at night. While Jai teaches yoga to Delhi’s elite in his ivy-covered mansion located in the heart of Lutyens’s Delhi, his family home also doubles up as the headquarters of the family’s coven. Then a handsome young man moves next door and Jai’s life takes a thrilling turn especially since his family secrets seem to be more sinister than even Jai’s wildest dreams. Jai starts developing feelings for his new neighbor without feeling fearful about testing the ancient myth that love is a curse for witches.  

Character Development – The Yogi Witch

The way Zorian Cross has portrayed the various characters of the novel makes the readers feel charmed with his life. The love, joy, emotions, spirituality, and sensitivity of Jai all seem to real. Most importantly, the author has been able to highlight the diversity of Delhi with its magic and myths through the personality of Jai. I also loved the manner in which the other characters were portrayed in the book, especially Jai’s new love interest and his magical family.  

Plot – The Yogi Witch

The book takes the readers on a roller coaster ride that covers various themes and topics. In addition to being a beautiful love story of someone belonging to the LGBTQ community, it also provides an insight into the mystical world of magic.

Writing Style – The Yogi Witch

Zorian Cross has used simple words and language to compile the book enhancing it readability and interest. The element of suspense has been maintained till end and each part of the book packs a punch.

The cover page design somewhat spooky and creates the right mood for the readers.

Final Verdict: The Yogi Witch

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