Book Review Of Flawed By Shilpa Suraj

Book Review Of Flawed By Shilpa Suraj – A Love Story Based On The Concept Of Opposites Attract


The old saying “Opposites Attract” is commonly referred to while talking about romantic relationships. However, using this saying as the base for a heady romantic tale is something that only an accomplished writer like Shilpa Suraj is capable of doing.

Her book Flawed is the first title from In Disgrace series and explores the idea of romance between two people with completely opposing personalities.            

Premise – Flawed

Aditya Khamankar and Vaani Jaishnakar are two people who could not be more different from each other. While Aditya enjoys a successful career as a CA and leads a picture-perfect life, Vaani is the black sheep of her family, who loves to be in the limelight. Aditya was known as the perfect son, a hard-working and overachieving employee, and a reliable friend. On the other hand, Vaani was fearless, fun,  and flighty and was always criticized for her choices. So, when the two finally met, no one believed that anything serious could happen between them. The considerable age difference between Aditya and Vanni and the fact that Vaani was the daughter of Aditya’s boss further made any romantic relationship between the two seem impossible. But will fate still bring them together or is this love story just not meant to be?

Character Development – Flawed

Shilpa Suraj has penned the characters of Aditya and Vaani beautifully while keeping them realistic. I especially loved the way she presented Vaani without any dramatic backstory as well as her awareness and acknowledgment of her flaws. The internal struggles of Aditya’s character have also been beautifully cloaked under his perfectionist demeanor, which adds an interesting element to the plot.

Plot – Flawed

The book is based on the theme that love happens even when it seems quite unlikely. Aditya and Vaani are two different people who seek completely different things in life. Even imagining them together is a far-fetched notion, yet when they find each other, sparks fly between them.

Writing Style – Flawed

The author has written the book in simple language that is easy to understand. The flow and narration of the book are quite good and add to the readability of the book.

The cover page design is simple and appealing but does not reveal anything about the theme of the book.

Final Verdict: Flawed

Flawed is a breezy romantic tale that brings a smile to the faces of the readers besides making them feel hopeful about love and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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