Book Review of The Deceived Womb By Deepak Koul

Book Review of The Deceived Womb By Deepak Koul – An Attempt To Understand The Persona Of Abhimanyu


When people talk about Mahabharata, there are a few characters that make as deep an impression as Arjun’s son Abhimanyu. Revered as the daredevil warrior prince, Abhimanyu, he is primarily known for two things. These include learning about how to enter the chakravyuha and making sacrificing his life while implementing this knowledge during the war of Mahabharata.

Deepak Koul tries to address this issue in his latest novella The Deceived Womb as he unravels the other aspects of Abhimanyu’s personality.    

Premise – The Deceived Womb

The book starts with Abhimanyu in the womb overhearing his father Arjuna telling his wife Subhadra about how to break into the chakravyuha. However, Subhadra falls asleep before Arjun can tell him how to come out. Born with this knowledge, Abhimanyu believes that war is nothing less than an adventure. So when the real war starts, he is eager to jump in and display his skills, but soon realizes his mistake. He soon becomes overwhelmed by the mindless massacre and the disregard for every rule and the lack of fair play in the war. And then when he is cunningly killed inside the chakravyuha, he breaks his promise to his wife Uttara and their child growing in her womb, about returning home a winner.

Character Development – The Deceived Womb

The character of Abhimanyu is the key focus of the book and the author has done a great job of bringing out his childish view of the world. He has managed to highlight the fact that at the end of it all Abhimanyu was a young teenager who forayed into the war believing something that was entirely false.

PlotThe Deceived Womb


This book, like the previous book of the author, has been inspired by the Mahabharata. It focuses on unraveling another key character from the epic, from his own perspective. The novella is divided into four chapters with each chapter dealing with one aspect/phase of the life of Abhimanyu.

Writing Style The Deceived Womb

The author has used simple language that makes reading the book extremely easy. He has followed a fast-paced narrative that focuses on the character of Abhimanyu for the most part while keeping the story interesting and enjoyable.

The beautiful cover page has the famous image of Abhimanyu surrounded by enemies and holding the wheel of a chariot over his head.

Final Verdict: The Deceived Womb

 The Deceived Womb is a way to better understand the character of Abhimanyu from Mahabharata and I give it a rating of 4/5.