Book Review of Fate Eclipsed By Deepak Koul

Book Review of Fate Eclipsed By Deepak Koul – Retelling The Tale Of Mahabharata From Karna’s Perspective


The Mahabharata is one of the most revered Mythological texts in India and a source of inspiration for various literary works. Over the centuries the tale of Mahabharata, hailing the righteous Pandavas, has been told and retold in different ways across generations by numerous writers.

However, it has rarely been presented from the perspective of one of the key characters of the Kaurava camp. Deepak Koul has taken up this challenge by retelling the tale from the perspective of Karna in his latest book, Fate Eclipsed. 

Premise – Fate Eclipsed

The book narrates the internal struggle of Karna as he travels homeward after the shameful attempt of disrobing Draupadi in the royal court of Hastinapur. The book goes on to highlight the trauma and guilt he faces about supporting the often wrong and unethical decisions of Duryodhana. It also explores the turmoil of his two mothers, Kunti and Radha in great depth. Most importantly, the book presents the tumultuous emotional journey of Karna’s wife Uruvi, who is certain that her husband will return home after the war. It would not be wrong to state that the book provides an insight into the mind of Karna, his emotions, his relationships with others, and even his ego.

Character Development – Fate Eclipsed

The book focuses mainly on the character of Karna and the internal struggles he faces in the aftermath of the insult of Draupadi. The author has done a great job of presenting the long-suppressed emotions of Karna and his guilt about his inability to stand up to Duryodhana due to his loyalty toward him.

PlotFate Eclipsed

Inspired by the Mahabharata, this short novel provides a detailed account of emotional tribulations. The book is narrated entirely from Karna’s perspective and offers an entirely different take on this centuries-old tale.    

Writing Style Fate Eclipsed

The author has used simple language to make it easier for readers to understand the emotions depicted in the novel. He has managed to keep the narrative smooth and engaging while ensuring that it does not lose its sensitivity or nuance as a mythological tale. His unique writing style makes the book extremely interesting and enjoyable.

The cover page design is artistically designed and reflects the theme of the book beautifully and with precision.

Final Verdict: Fate Eclipsed


Fate Eclipsed is a unique presentation of the emotional turmoil of one of the most significant characters of Mahabharata and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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