Review – One:The Story of the Ultimate Myth

A Book Review of One: The Story of the Ultimate Myth Penned By Mansoor Khan


With the world on the verge of environmental collapse, not much is being written in literary terms to create awareness about the issues. While almost every famous author has chosen to ignore the issue, acclaimed filmmaker, Mansoor Khan has taken up the mantle of telling a tale that could soon become a reality for humankind.

One: The Story of the Ultimate Myth is a brilliant attempt by this master storyteller to highlight the issues of ecological destruction and the need for evolution.

Premise – One: The Story of the Ultimate

Sonal and Abhay live in a future where the boundaries between order and chaos have become non-existent. Sonal, who was a professor of sociology and a firebrand environmental activist, suffers from acute depression and memory loss. On the other hand, Abhay, a once famous plant pathologist is suffering from paranoia and is being hunted for challenging the scientific paradigm of a powerful establishment. These two brilliant people, whom the world considers insane, meet in a park by chance. Abhay shares a book with Sonal, which contains his most closely guarded thoughts. The two soon learn that they are the two sides of a coin who have been forced to doubt their own intelligence and sanity by people who care nothing about destroying the environment for making profits.

Character Development – One: The Story of the Ultimate

The author has done a wonderful job of introducing the two characters as seemingly delusional and deranged. However, as the story progresses and readers are made aware of the other aspects of their personality in a gradual manner. Such a development strategy makes the characters seem real and relatable to the readers.

Plot – One: The Story of the Ultimate

The plot of the book is inspired by the abuse of various natural resources by humans and the rampant environmental destruction that has resulted in the current ecological crisis. The story tries to make the readers take a break and think about the price that we and our children will be paying for breaking the circle of life and nature.    

Writing Style – One: The Story of the Ultimate

The book is written in the form of a story within a story and despite this, the author has succeeded in keeping it extremely interesting and enlightening for the readers.

The cover page design is simple yet impactful although it does not offer any hint about the exciting journey that the readers will be embarking upon.

Final Verdict: One: The Story of the Ultimate

The book is unique and a must-read for various reasons and I give it a rating of 5/5.