Book Review Of The Bestseller By Ajitabha Bose

Book Review Of The Bestseller By Ajitabha Bose


  • Publisher: Authors Ink Publications

  • Publication Year: 2017

  • ISBN 10: 9385137832

  • ISBN 13: 978-9385137839

  • No Of Pages: 64

  • Rating: 4 on 5

Having read and reviewed the previous books penned by Ajitabha Bose, I was really looking forward to reading his latest offering named “The Bestseller”. My first reaction on hearing the name was that it must be some kind of self-help book about becoming a bestselling author. However, upon receiving the book, the cute cover page erased all my doubts about it being a love story.
Soon after joining an MNC in Noida, Athrav meets Priyanshi and the two soon turn from being colleagues to being lovers. They take their relationship further by getting married and it is then that Priyanshi is also a writer and has already published two books which unfortunately did not do too well. Now as Priyanshi is third novel, Athrav offers her complete love and support to realize the dream of becoming a bestselling author. All that remains to be seen is will Priyanshi’s dream be fulfilled this time?
Ajitabha has a knack for writing simple sweet love stories that the readers can easily relate to. His use of easy language and ability to maintain the fast pace of the stories make his books a class apart. Like his other books, The Bestseller has all the essential ingredients that make it a terrific read. I truly loved going through every emotion caught in the pages of this nano novel and wish Ajitabha all the best for its success.