Book Review of Loving You Twice By Andaleeb Wajid

Book Review of Loving You Twice By Andaleeb Wajid – A Heady Romance Of Two Star-Crossed Lovers


It is quite rare for authors to write love stories that form a part of the series and even rare to have these love stories belonging to members of a single family.

However, Andaleeb Wajib seems to think differently and her Jasmine Villa series is proof of the same. The second book of the series, Loving You Twice, narrates the love story of Ana, Yusuf Hasan’s second daughter.

Premise – Loving You Twice

While traveling abroad to report to her new job, Ana finds herself seated next to Luqman Ahmed, her brother-in-law Ayub’s friend, with whom she has secretly fallen in love during their previous meetings. Even though Luqman was also secretly attracted to her, the two never shared their true feelings. Hence, the two silently go their own ways at the end of the journey, not knowing what fate has planned for them.  When Ana finally returned to India, Yusuf arranged her marriage with another boy and she reluctantly agreed as she was sure that Luqman had no interest in her. However, she is not prepared for the dual shock that she is about to receive that will change her life and the life of her loved ones.

Character Development – Loving You Twice

The author is an expert in presenting the different characters of her book realistically. The manner in which the characters of Ana and Luqman evolve through the book and the way they realize their love for each other is quite interesting. I especially loved the way Ana was depicted to be quite reserved and astute while Luqman was depicted as a shy romantic.

PlotLoving You Twice

The book is the second in the Jasmine Villa series, and holds enough drama and emotion to keep the readers engaged. It narrates the love story of two people who are not able to express their emotions to each other until it is almost too late.

Writing Style Loving You Twice

The author has followed a simple writing style and fast-paced narration which makes this heady romance quite enjoyable. The smooth flow and the crisp storyline ensure that the readers do not feel bored and can finish the book in one go.  

The cover page design is beautiful and adds a new meaning to the title of the book while perfectly adhering to its theme.

Final Verdict: Loving You Twice