Scintillating verses of the spirit By Anubhuti Bhardwaj- Review

Scintillating verses of the spirit By Anubhuti Bhardwaj- A Mesmerizing collection of poetry


Most poets use poetry as a medium to express their feelings and emotions like grief, love, desperation, anger, or even sadness. The poems we read by eminent poets in our childhood always offered a sense of rhythm. It encouraged poetry lovers like me to read them countless times. It always offered me immense satisfaction as each word established a connection with my heart.

We can witness a shift in the writing and presentation style of the young poets of recent times. It is more like storytelling with deep inner meanings. Anubhuti Bhardwaj is among those promising poetry writers whose work delivers mesmerizing effects in the reader’s mind. The choice of words and richness of her vocabulary will make the readers spellbound when they read her debut book Scintillating Verses of the Spirit.

Book Premise – Scintillating verses of the spirit

The book focuses on the experiences and emotions of the poet. It left a strong impact on her mind and soul. The way we experience and witness life always leaves a mark deep beneath the heart. But how to ink those emotions with powerful words and passion? It is something one needs to learn from Anubhuti. The book is a collection of 21 poems on multiple topics which will take you on a journey of emotions.

Writing style -Scintillating verses of the spirit

With intense emotion and subtle language, Anubhuti captivated the beauty of some key moments in the form of her poems. Her poetic language is soulful, and it connects her with readers on a deep emotional level. Each poem in this book is beautifully crafted with passion and emotion. It depicts the emotional turmoil and the experiences the poet went through and earned in life. No poem here is conceptually connected with others, but still, it represents the versatility of the poet in observing life. Anubhuti artistically traverses the different shades of life and articulates the emotions with so much clarity and beauty. Each poem offers a message, and it’s on the readers to decide how to connect their lives with Anubhuti’s poetic verse.

Which Poems touched my heart?

Wonders of Sea

Under the Fluidity of water
Lies life so amusing and blue
Sea turtles with their shells swim
and fishes roam making an aesthetic view

No one to trust

Resentment is not just a feeling
It can count as an emotional dealing
Stigma is its unpreferred soulmate
Along with one, the other surpasses the gate

The Girl in the Mirror

Eyes with crust look at me
Morning brings them to see
Dusk has woken up the soul
She yearns to go out to play her role
A girl sees herself in me with sleepy eyes
Refreshes herself in the mirage to arise.

The above are 3 of the many poems which are liked from the book.

Final Verdict: Scintillating Verses of the Spirit

As a poet’s debut work, the book is quite promising and will inspire many young poets to ink their verses. The book is a perfect read for a poetry lover, and I strongly recommend this book. Will love to read, many more poems by Anubhuti, and I rate the book 4/5.