Book Review of Dogboy vs Catfish By Luke Gracias

Book Review of Dogboy vs Catfish By Luke Gracias – A Nail-Biting Thriller That Keeps The Readers On The Edge


There are generally two types of love stories, the first being those where true love triumphs even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. The second type includes love stories that focus on deception, lies, and greed and the consequences of being in a relationship based on such emotions.

However, recently I came across a third type of love story that combines the elements of the second type and adds thrilling twists to the plot to turn it into a great page-turner. Dogboy vs Catfish is a thriller by Luke Gracias that takes the readers on a roller-coaster ride of suspense and mystery.

Premise – Dogboy vs Catfish

Katherine Fisher, aka ‘Catfish,’ is all set to marry Lindsay Kramer, a wealthy businessman, and successful dog whisperer which earned him the nickname of ‘Dogboy’. This is Katherine’s second marriage as she lost her first husband in Bangkok. However, love is by far the most insignificant reason behind the decision of Katherine to marry Lindsay. She has already made plans to divorce him and get ownership of half his assets as well as maintenance for her daughter Emma till she becomes an adult.

So exactly 18 months after her marriage to Lindsay, Katherine seeks advice from the law specialist of the family about initiating the divorce proceedings. However, her bad behavior makes the lawyer suspicious and he refuses to take up her case. Little does Katherine know that this is just the beginning of her troubles. Soon after Lindsay goes missing and even though Katherine pretends to be the mourning wife on social media, she continues with her various illegal business activities. As the missing person case of Lindsay escalates into a homicide the police put her under investigation, Katherine has to run a race against time to get hold of Dogboy’s assets.

Character Development – Dogboy vs Catfish

The author has managed to present the various characters in a realistic manner which makes the book more interesting to read. Be it the conniving woman that Katherine is or the die-hard romantic nature of Lindsay, or even the ferociously loyal attitude of the family lawyer Freya Keogh. Each character has a significant role to play in taking the story forward and helping the readers understand how the choices and decisions of a single individual impact the other members of the family in the long run. I especially loved the manner in which the author unraveled the multilayered character of Katherine.

PlotDogboy vs Catfish

The plot of the book is full of various twists and turns that maintain the suspense and keep the readers hooked to the end. The author needs to be applauded for portraying the consequences of deception in an extremely interesting and engaging manner. As the story develops and the webs of lies are uncovered, the readers become more engrossed in the plot and are curious to know what happens next. I was especially impressed by how the writer has skillfully executed the resolution of the plot and has left no loose ends so that the readers get a sense of closure after reading this intricately woven story. 

Writing Style Dogboy vs Catfish

Luke Gracias is a seasoned writer and understands the impact of using simple language and maintaining the flow of the story. Hence it is not surprising that the author has followed a simple writing style and fast-paced narration which makes this thrilling story extremely easy to understand irrespective of the numerous twists and turns in the story. While the suspense and intrigue captivate the readers from the moment they start reading the book, the fitting end provides a satisfying payoff to them before they lay it down.   

The cover page design is unique and creates a sense of suspense even before the readers start reading the book. The dark background features the title and a pair of metallic snakes in gold intertwined with each other to build the right mood for the book. But it could have been even better.

Final Verdict: Dogboy vs Catfish

Dogboy vs Catfish is an excellent suspense thriller that is a must-read for people who love a good page-turner that keeps them thoroughly engaged. I would personally recommend this book to every mystery lover and give it a rating of  4.75/5.