Book Review Of An Imperishable Promise

Book Review Of An Imperishable Promise: If After life Is True, Will You Still Come To Me?, Written By Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo


The concept of whether love extends beyond life has been often debated, both by romantics and intellectuals across generations.

However, author Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo has taken the concept a step further and written a beautiful novel about the topic. An Imperishable Promise is the tale of love that extends beyond death and into the afterlife.  

Premise -An Imperishable Promise

Deepak, the narrator, is in love with Kashish, a girl he once saw in a café. He enlists the help of his childhood friend and roommate, Raj to woo Kashish. Raj starts chatting with Kashish online to help Deepak, who soon realizes that the two have fallen in love, even though they are not aware of it yet. So, Deepak helps both Raj and Kashish realize their love for each other after which they get married. However, the bliss of love and marriage does not last long for them as the couple meets with an accident in Goa and death separates them. But is this the end of their love story, or does their love transcend the limitation of physical existence to extend into the mystical world that is known as the afterlife?

Character Development -An Imperishable Promise

The author needs to be applauded for the beautiful manner in which each character has been developed. He has managed to keep them realistic while also ensuring that their various personality traits are highlighted in the right manner to help the readers connect with them.

Plot – An Imperishable Promise

The book narrates a tale of love from an entirely different perspective. It is heartbreakingly beautiful and has the power to change the perception of readers about love, life, and death.

Writing Style – -An Imperishable Promise

The fast-paced book is written in easy and simple language. Despite being a romantic novel, it has an element of suspense and mystery, with the second part being more intriguing than the first.

The cover page design is quite appealing and matches the storyline.

Final Verdict –An Imperishable Promise


This is a good book to read for people who believe in everlasting love and the afterlife as well as fans of the romantic genre and  I give it a rating of 4.0/5.

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