Alert! Note the signs to identify when one is jealous of You

Alert! Note the signs to identify when one is jealous of You

Has it ever happened to you that you achieve something successful in your life and you see your friends distancing them from you? While jealousy indicates that you are doing the right thing, you need to identify when one is jealous of you.

You might not know that one of your friends or colleagues is jealous of you, and they might be planning on bringing you down. Therefore, you must check on people who are jealous of you and try to avoid them for your mental health.

Note these signs to identify when one is jealous of you

So, how can one identify if someone is jealous of them or not? Here are some signs of a person that will help you identify when they are jealous of you:

Their compliments are more like insults

They might feel supportive from the outside, but they try to make you feel worst about yourself. Their praises are more like backhanded compliments that sound negative.

Either show fake happiness or belittle your success.

They will always try to undermine your success. They will always be quick to downgrade your success because it levels the playing field and makes them feel better about themselves.

They are always competitive

They will always be anxious to prove their superiority and hence, be over-competitive. A little competition is good for your success, but over-competitiveness is a sign of a toxic friendship.

They talk behind your back

Why would a jealous friend talk badly about you in front of you? They say unkind things about you behind your back to subtly vent their jealousy.

They are always negative

Have you ever encountered people who always bring up negative aspects of things? You might share some good news, but they cut your conversation with a passive-aggressive or negative comment. They have a bleak outlook on their life.

They criticize your decisions

Rather than reassuring and encouraging you, a jealous friend always makes you doubt yourself. They feel insecure about their own decisions and project these insecurities onto you through their

reactions or comments.

They imitate you

A jealous friend thinks you are doing better than them, so they always want to copy you. They might imitate your taste, style, or even sense of humor to make their life similar to yours.

They try to upstage you

They might interrupt your conversation and bring up something about themselves that would make others praise them. A jealous friend would always want people to celebrate them and not you.

How to handle a jealous person?

Now that you have the signs to identify who is jealous of you, it will be easier to delve into the root cause of their jealousy and handle them:

A. You can empathize with them and be a bigger person. Check if they are jealous of you because they are struggling with emotional insecurities.

B. You can complement them from time to time. A person’s jealousy is usually caused by self-doubt and inadequacy.

C. You can talk to them and tell them how their actions have affected you.

D. If the above tips still don’t help stop their toxic behaviour, you can limit your interaction with that person and ignore their comments for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What does it mean when someone is jealous of me?

People get jealous of you when they think you are better than them. While this may be unproblematic initially, it may start interfering with a person’s well-being and, thus, creating more complications.

  • What should I do if one of my close friends is now friends with other people and tries to put me down?

You can approach your friend positively and respectfully and tell them how you really feel. However, if they continue to put you down, please surround yourself with your loved ones and distance yourself from that close friend.

  • What should I do if my friend is jealous of me?

If you want your friendship to be free of jealousy, empathize with your friend and give them tools to manage their jealousy.

Jealousy is a natural feeling, an inner consciousness of one’s inferiority. Since a jealous person can easily harm your mental health, you must identify and handle them carefully.

You can refer to our guide above for some important signs to identify when one is jealous of you. 

Always be confident in your actions, and never let jealous people bring your morale down. And in case of any questions, please comment below! 

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