Book Review: Long Run: A Paradise Augmented by Satish T- Revisiting the 90’s Stock Market With An Inspirational Story Of A Fund Guru

Long Run: A Paradise Augmented by Satish T- Revisiting the 90’s stock market with an inspirational story of a Fund Guru

Long Run - Book Review


  • Rating: ‎ 3.75/5

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9391317510

  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9391317515

Finance is a subject that I love from the core of my heart. I also did my MBA in finance and know the subject. Stock Market/Share market, or; whatever else we want to call this industry, forms a critical part of the economy.
 But, what about the rest of the population having no finance or; market knowledge? Are they deprived ones? No, they are not, and here comes the role of the market traders and fund managers.

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We can call them specialized financial experts, and they are the ones to take the call in which fund to invest your money for the best returns. Finance as a subject is a very complicated one. Unless you love it, you will not find it interesting.
 The Novel titled Long Run: A Paradise Augmented by Satish T will help you revisit the history of the Stock Market of the 90’s followed by the protagonist’s story of success and failure as a Fund Guru.


Long Run - Book Review

The plot is divided into segments. The protagonist here is Raghu Santhanam, and the lead female character here is Anuradha urf Anu. Raghu is a bright, intelligent, and studious student and managed to get admission to one of the top-notch colleges of Chennai, NIM.
Things were going well between Raghu and Anu. Problems arose when they started their careerist life. Right here, the story takes its peak. Raghu starts changing the moment while taking every step up on the ladder of the stock market industry. He was experiencing success and his mind twisted. He didn’t mind breaking her relationship with Anu and even with her parents.

A shocker came into the life of Raghu after an accident that made him blind for life. How will he survive? Will he get his love back? Will he get back his lost glory as a Fund guru? To know, reading the book is a must.

What did I like about the book?

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  • The book offers a mixed blend of romance, stock market, success, failure, college life, and many others.
  • The reminder it gives about the stock market of the 90s.
  • Correct inclusion of the happenings after the 9/11 attack on the USA in the story.

  • The comeback of a fallen stock market star, when he is partially disabled (Blind).
  • The author did the character development very well.
  • Students or; readers with an interest in the stock market, may find the story entertaining, just like me.

What I didn’t like?

  • There is massive use of financial and trading terms in the story. I can connect with the story as I have a strong connection with the industry. But for readers, from other backgrounds may face hindrances in establishing a connection with the story.

Long Run

  • Too much shuffling between flashbacks and the current time and vice versa will distract readers, and they may fail to connect with the story.

Writing style

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The writing style is a gripping one. I can connect well with the story. (As I know concepts behind stock market trading). There is lot to learn about stock market from this book.

Final Verdict

Long Run

 The book offers a good package for readers with an interest in stock trading and finance. Future fund managers will get the chance to learn a lot from the book, and that’s the USP of the book. A little bit of sequence management could have turned the book more entertaining for readers. My final rating for the book will be 3.75/5