Adventures In Farland by Moshank Relia – A Book Review

Adventures In Farland  by Moshank Relia – A Book Review

Adventures In Farland, Book Review, Moshank Reliagoodreads

  • Publication Year: 2017

  • Pages: 39

  • Rating: 4.0 on 5


Children’s stories have always held a great appeal for me. So when I got a chance to review the e-book Adventures In Farland, I felt really excited. The name of the book itself was quite exciting and made me feel like a child once again. So it was with great eagerness that I started reading this tale which promised of great adventure and fun.
A young girl Mira Rawat along with her two friends Bira and Vira, finds herself invited to the New Moon Party at Farland, a fantasy land about which her mother has told her. As she sets out to enjoy the amazing party, little does she know that she will be entwined in a series of adventures, whose outcome will decide the very fate of Farland itself. With the Queen of  Witches all set to unleash the evil power of the Dragon Under the Hill, Mira will require all her courage and wits to help her new friends, including Starhead, Windmasater, Mastiff and Halo Queen to save the Farland from disaster. How Mira helps to save the fantasy land that she has heard so much about is what forms the rest of the story.
The best aspect of Adventures in Farland is that the plot has been crafted to keep the readers interested till the very end. The language of the book is simple yet intriguing for the young minds for whom, it has been written. The story is fast paced and presents new twists and turns at regular intervals. There is enough thrill, excitement and suspense to keep the readers engaged. I for one was not able to take even a loo break till I completed reading the entire book. I also liked the fact that the main protagonist of the story was a young girl rather than a boy. Overall, I liked the book immensely and wish that the young readers find it equally appealing.
Moshank Relia, did a wonderful work and I wish this young author great success with this book and all future projects.