A Dream Come True – Book Review

A Dream Come True By Rishiraj Sen – A Book Review

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  • Publisher: OMJI Publishing House Private Limited
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • ISBN: 9384028541
  • EAN: 9789384028541
  • Pages: 168
  • Rating :

4 stars

When I was assigned the task of reviewing “A Dream Come True”, I was somewhat skeptical as frankly because I thought the work of a 15-year old boy would be full of loopholes. But not only did young Rishiraj Sen prove me completely wrong, but his confidence and flow of writing in his very first book itself left me completely amazed. At no point, while reading the book did I feel that it had been written by such a young writer. In fact, this mature love story has been compiled in such a manner that I felt I was reading the work of a well-established writer.

A Dream Come True starts with a tussle between a single mother Anya, and her young daughter Neha. Later Neha, comes to seek forgiveness and Anya decides to tell her daughter her own story in flashback mode. It is revealed that Anya suffered much as a teenager, primarily due to the selfish, insensitive and unloving attitude of her parents. Then she finds love with a stranger named Arjun, but destiny has something else in store for her. As her parents come to learn about Anya’s relationship, they take her away to Bangalore to get her married without her knowledge. Even though Anya gets married to Shiv, she never forgets Arjun and Shiv turns out to be quite beyond her expectations. To learn what happens further, it would be best to read the book.

Rishiraj Sen has a great talent of which his first book provides only a glimpse. His style of narration, the way story is unraveled and the use of simple and easy to understand form of the language all indicate the presence of a skilled and mature writer within this young boy. With A Dream Come True, Rishiraj has definitely made me his fan for life.

We wish Rishiraj all the best and hope that he comes out with his next book soon!!

A dream come trueA dream come true by Rishiraj Sen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The Dream Come True” is an unexpected excellent mature story by a 15 year boy
Rishiraj Sen. Its an amazing story of single mother and her daughter

It completely satisfied my thirst for good story. Hats Off Rishi

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