A Book Review Of Stripes Recruitment by Luke Melia

A Book Review Of Stripes Recruitment by Luke Melia

  • Publication Year: 2019

  • Publisher: E-Book

  • Pages: 40

  • Rating: 4.5 on 5

Just a few days back I was lucky enough to read the book of Luke Melia, Titled GIVE UP — The White Room, which in my view was an extraordinary piece of work. The moment I got the chance to review another book of this amazing writer titled STRIPES RECRUITMENT, to be honest, it was hard for me to resist taking up this opportunity. Well, here the story is something quite different from his earlier work.


It’s the story of a Tiger existing in the Human world and striving for an opportunity to prove himself. He has a name and Its Anthony. He is happily married and has a lovely wife Misa, a British Woman. I found the cover page very interesting and that is one key element of this book which also encouraged me to read this book. The cover displays a tiger in professional human attire and the design is so interesting that can provoke the readers to read it. So, what’s the story all about?

The story:

As the story begins, we can see that he is working with the BTB construction group and is part of its Finance department. Keeping in mind the recession state of the job industry we can see that here too Anthony is pretty unhappy with his job and one key reason behind it is the company’s irregular salary credits to employees. Well, one positive thing about Anthony is that he is proud of the nature of his work and what he does, but views are quite different in this regard from other’s viewpoints. At the back, he was given the name of “Stripes”. With every passing day, the work culture and environment were degrading making it difficult for him and in many days he seemed reluctant towards going to the office.
He was left out with no option other than searching for new opportunities. He started appearing for job interviews. But Alas! Things didn’t happen the way as expected by Stripes and employers started refusing him one after another to recruit. He started getting depressed and disturbed mentally. His lady Misa, appears as a motivation for him who suggested pursuing the existing job as it is to wait till new possibilities are visible for him. He was very low on morale but somehow as his wife insisted, he continued with the BTB construction group job.
One thing I missed adding is that Anthony prefers to keep the visiting cards which he used to get after every interview he appeared with him. One fine day in a depressed and out of desperation he ended up displaying these cards to one of his bosom friends Hugo. The moment gave a spark in his declining fate…. Will that be a positive or a negative one? Will he end up getting a job he dreamt of? Is there some unexpected miracle waiting for him? Will the word called opportunity vanish from his life forever? There are so many questions that will be crumbling up in your mind looking for the answer.
But my dear book lover friends I want you all to read this book to know about the climax and I challenge you will never repent on your decision.

Character building:

The characters are developed and presented in such a simple and lucid manner that many of you may find yourself hidden in the character Anthony- The Stripes. The character seems to be very real and other characters like Misa, Hugo, colleagues of office and interviewers are presented brilliantly. Each one of the characters is lively and realistic in every sense.

My Take:

Already I mentioned above that I wish all my book lover friends must read this book. You will not take much time to read as it’s a small 40-page book that you can read even on the way to the office, college or in the pastime. Simple language and strong character-building capability of Author Luke Melia is turning me an absolute fan of him. The story went in a flow and narrated how one faced failure one after another in life only to get back in track later and end up becoming an inspiration for others. It will keep you hooked until the end. It’s a pure motivational book not confined to any specific genre. The book will be a worthy read for people who wish to read something different. Great Work Luke once again and Keep It up. I wish, a great success for this book and Luke.

I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset”