A Book Review Of Meant To Be Together By Faraaz Kazi

 A Book Review Of Meant To Be Together By Faraaz Kazi

  • Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

  • Publication Year: 2018

  • ISBN-10: 9387022439

  • ISBN-13: 978-9387022430

  • Pages: 224

  • Rating: 4.5 on 5

The writing style of Faraaz Kazi always remained bit different from the rest Indian Authors and that according to me is the USP behind his popularity. I was aware of his unique style of expression as earlier read the book “Truly Deeply Madly” besides his venture work in Horror stories “The Other Side” along with Vivek Banerjee. The cover page of “Meant To Be Together” clearly depicts the genre of the story and I was pretty confident that this time also Faraaz’s work will impress me.  The way the story was narrated made the book a page turner and an absolute gripping one.
It’s true that these days romantic stories are more in number compared to other genres but Meant To Be Together is something different although it’s a romantic story too. From the beginning till the end the author ensured that you find it hard to leave the book even for a second. It’s the story of Preeti’s life journey since her childhood. She was having a very disturbing childhood and her problems reached a new level when her father faced and accident making him paralyzed right from the waist. She was forced to move at her granny’s place along with elder bro. The only ray of hope in her difficult life was his brother with whom she had a blissful sister-brother relation.  A situation arises where she felt better to end her life than continuing it further and just at that moment the man of her life entered the story. Its Sameer’s love, presence, and support which managed to bring some positivity in her life.
Yes, it’s a love story and the characters and relationship of Preeti and Sameer are so beautifully portrayed by  Farraz that even those who don’t love romance genre will actually fall in love with it. Preeti was sure that she is in love but was feeling the same for Sameer or its just a friendly liking for him. Will it be a happy romantic tale or again the shadow of unhappiness will return back to Preeti’s life? To know more do read this book. The flow of the story is smooth and narrations are simple yet thought-provoking one.  It’s a worthy, short yet meaningful story which I personally enjoyed from the bottom of my heart. A love story worth recommended to all who believe in love. Once again a wonderful work by Faraaz Kazi as expected.