A Book Review Of Christmas Stories For Kids By Uncle Amon

A Book Review Of Christmas Stories For Kids By Uncle Amon


Christmas is the time to have fun with family and friends and create sweet moments and memories with them. What best way to do so than reading cute Christmas stories and jokes for kids?

Christmas Stories For Kids penned by Uncle Amon is just the perfect book for the occasion.  

Premise – Christmas Stories For Kids

The book offers a collection of short, simple, and funny Christmas stories and jokes that lift the mood of the readers and the set right tone for the festive season. The stories from different parts of the world stir the imagination of the kids and inspire them to use their creativity. Some stories also feature a Christmas Activity at the end which goes a long way in teaching the kids important life values. They feel motivated to practice these values in their life on their own rather than being forced into it. The bright and colorful illustrations further enhance the interest of the readers.

Who Should Read It – Christmas Stories For Kids

Even though the book is primarily meant for children, it also makes a good read for adults. It is a light, quick and entertaining read for people looking to pass time or keen on spending fun time with kids. It can also double up as a bedtime storybook or a book that can be read out aloud.   

Writing Style Christmas Stories For Kids

The author has used simple language and unique and creative writing that enhances the readability of the book. The stories have a simple plot and swift flow with an underlying lesson for the readers. The various illustration adds to the beauty and appeal of the book and makes it more attractive for kids.

The cover page design features Father Christmas and perfectly matches the theme of the book.

Final VerdictChristmas Stories For Kids

This is a good book for kids and adults alike and I give it 4.0/5.

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