Fun with Mathematics, penned by Sumita Bose – A Book To Say No to Maths Fever

Fun with Mathematics, penned by Sumita Bose – A Book To Say No to Maths Fever


Mathematics is one subject, which scares many students, and they prefer to avoid it. But what if mathematics lessons turn out to be a fun activity? Fun with Mathematics, penned by Sumita Bose, targets to introduce Mathematics to kids in a fun-filled manner.

Author Sumita Bose knows how to create the magic to turn complicated things appealing and welcoming to kids. The author understands the sentiments and minds of kids, and that is the reason behind the success of her books.

What does the book offer?

The contents of the book are divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter offers something different for the kids. It contains puzzles, games, magic, and some interesting mathematical facts. I was honestly not aware of the interesting facts which the author shared. Shortcuts and tricks are also part of this book. It will make it easy for the kids to calculate fast. The author believes in making mathematics a fun subject to increase the interest of children. The topics which get covered are Puzzles, optical illusions, engrossing patterns, tricks, shortcuts, errors, and corrections, and yes, jokes too. 

Are you a parent and want to introduce your kids to the world of mathematics in a unique way? Try this book, and you will appreciate your decision to gift a copy to your child.

What did I like about the book?

A. The style of explaining the topics thoroughly won my heart.

B. The tips and tricks that are shared, are very realistic and easy to grasp for the kids.

C. The activities chapter in the book are my favorite. The examples are easy to understand and execute. Mathematical patterns, can it help in doing colorful Rangoli? Yes, it can, and I learned from this book.

D. Another key chapter in this book is Amazing Facts. Many things are well described in this chapter. It will turn mathematics so easy for kids. 

E. The errors and Calculations chapter talks about the common errors which kids make. How can one avoid such errors? Read this chapter, and you will know.

Who should Read this book?

1.  The book is a perfect choice for children who are scared and not scared about mathematics.

2. Mathematics teachers can try out this book to make their classroom sessions interesting for the students.

3. Parents can go for it to help their kids in Mathematics at home.

Final Verdict

This is a must-read book for Kids who want to erase the fear of mathematics, and I give it 5/5.

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