A Book Review Of Atrangi By Puneet Sharma

A Book Review Of Atrangi By Puneet Sharma

Different authors prefer different genres to put out their thoughts and their experiences in front of the world. But sometimes we come across books that are difficult to categorize under a single gender.

Atrangi is one such book authored by Puneet which forces the readers to think about the what-if situation presented.

Writing Style

The book has been written in Hindi language and even though the contents stir the imagination of the readers the words used are quite simple and easy to understand. The tone of the book follows a combination of sarcasm and comedy yet the thoughts it presents need to be considered seriously. 

Who Should Read The Book


The book does not target readers who love a specific genre. Rather it is one of those books that everyone should read even if only to get entertained. The only thing that I would like to suggest here is that the author should consider publishing it as a pocketbook and also add some graphics or cartoons to make it more appealing.  

The cover page design of the book is extremely simple and impressive and features only the name of the book along with the author’s name.

Final Verdict


This is a must-read book for people across all genres, especially those who like to read something that stirs their brains and I give it 4.5/5.