10 Important Life Lessons That We Can Learn From Lord Shiva


Om namo shiva

Lord Shiva is considered to be the epitome of power and is looked upon by his devotees for teaching them the way of living. In addition to being the most compassionate and merciful of the supreme deities, He is also known as the destroyer of evil and ignorance. Listed below are the ten things about life that we can be learn from Lord Shiva.

matted tresses

  • To stay focused, it is important to unify the mind, body and spirit, which is symbolized by the matted tresses of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva 3rd eye

  • When faced with a problem, it is important look beyond the obvious and find a solution, as is represented by His third eye.

Shiva’s trident

  • Efficient management of the mind, ego, and intellect as symbolized by Shiva’s trident, ensures better results with greater control.

  • Being calm is the key to overcoming everyday challenges and resolving issues in a smooth manner as is indicated by His meditative pose.

ashes smeared on Shiva’s body

  • Since nothing in this world it permanent, like the ashes smeared on Shiva’s body, it is important to be aware of the difference between commitment and obsession.


  • The blue throat of Shiva represents the fact that anger not only needs to be suppressed but also channelized in the right direction.


  • It is important to hold away all the desires of the body and mind to make it clean and healthy just like Lord Shiva hold his damru.

Ganga Lord Shiva

  • The Ganga flowing out of His hair, symbolizes the removal of ignorance and enlightening the mind with knowledge through proper research.


  • The kamanadal of Lord Shiva represents all evil that needs to be detached from the body and keep it filled only with good thoughts and things.

Serpent around Shiva’s neck.

  • Finally, in order to gain true mental and physical freedom, it is important to let go of all ego that is symbolized by the serpent around Shiva’s neck.