Top 7 Getaways From Kolkata 

Top 7 Getaways From Kolkata 

7 best destinations around kolkata - Indian Culture and lifestyle
The moment a long weekend lands, our minds start craving for a long drive and spending some quality time far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, if you get an opportunity to spend a long weekend, you can plan accordingly to spend your leisure time. If you stay in Kolkata, you can start planning many trips, during the weekends. Check out the top five destinations from Kolkata to spend a long weekend. 


Shantiniketan - destination at kolkata India
`Your long weekend will be more enjoyable if you plan to visit Shantiniketan. It takes almost 4 hours to reach Shantiniketan from Kolkata. The distance from Kolkata is 152 Km. The place has a deep attachment with Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore, and the focal point for this place is Visva Bharati. Apart from Viswa Bharti, other notable places are Prantik, Sriniketan, Kankalitala Kali Temple, etc.


Sunderbans at kolkata - Indian destination
Do you love to enjoy the flora and fauna of the mangrove forest? Well, then, plan today to visit Sunderbans. It is just 109 km away from Kolkata, and you will enjoy the greenery of the thick mangrove forest. The best time to visit is between October to March. Visitors here can enjoy the wildlife and spend the day & night in a boat or launch on the Malta River. 

Henry Island

Natural Beauty - Henry Island Kolkata India
Henry Island, is located on the western edge of Sunderbans. The best part of the Island is the beach which contains a mangrove forestation. The presence of the mangrove forest has enhanced the charm of the Island. The Island got its name after the British resident who stayed here a century ago. The distance from Henry Island to Kolkata is 130 km. People can visit this Island from October to March.


Mayapur temple kolkata - Indian culture
The world’s largest temple, the Vedic Planetarium, is located in Mayapur. The distance between Mayapur from Kolkata is 132 km. ISKON provides services directly from Kolkata. You can book a seat and reach Mayapur within 4 hours from Kolkata. You can also reach Nabadwip directly from Mayapur. Book the hotel


Bishnupur - kolkata - Pride of Indian culture


Mandarmani holidays kolkata


Digha -kolkata Indian culture
Get your bags ready for a short trip to any of the above destinations from Kolkata.