Story of a Tear – Poem By Meetu N

Story of a Tear

I am a tear

I am a tear

Just a drop of saline water

Some may remind you

A story of thousand emotions

Still others might say

I am born in a heart full of love

And never in the shadow of hate

Nurtured by your sentiments

Nurtured by your sentiments

I grow silently in your eyes

I multiply with every little joy

And even with the smallest sting

I live silently in your eyes

Taking in the world as you see it

Taking in the world as you see it

Absorbing your happiness and pain

And just when you are too full

Of either elation or a deep ache

I silently flow down your eyes

tear drop in macro mode on an eye lash

Taking with me the burden of emotion

To make you feel light

And enjoy your happiness

Or forget your sorrow

And simply to allow you to move on

In my death lies your peace

And when you shed me

You suddenly feel at ease

So don’t be ashamed

So don’t be ashamed

When I roll down your cheek

I am born to give you strength

But my death too won’t make you weak!!!

By Meetu N