My Pillow And My Tears- Poetry by Meetu N


Sometimes I wake up in the night

And find my pillow soaked with tears

And as I reflect on what brought them on

I find myself facing my own fears



The ache of loneliness, and the pain of aloofness

Squeeze my heart like a devil’s hand

And even as I struggle to free myself

I know this truth in my heart

That this fear of solitude I can no longer stand




I try to comfort myself as I hug my knees

But the pain of my present and past memories

Surrounds me on all sides like a cold breeze

I desperately try to call someone

Someone who will hear me and come to my aid

But my sound is reflected back by the walls

As I sit and cry in a large empty space




As I grope around I feel you there

Lying beside me yet somehow still not near

And then I know that I can never escape this fear

As I am bound in my own prison of hopelessness and despair



I seek a friend in you when none is there

You shatter my heart with your absence of care

And every time my trust breaks

My pillow soaks up the silently shed tears!!