Waterlily – The Floral Mermaid

Waterlily – The Floral Mermaid

Waterlilies are beautiful aquatic plants that float on the surface of ponds, lakes, and slow-moving streams.

These plants have served as an inspiration for literature and art for ages. They are depicted as mermaid-like creatures in folklore.

1. Taxonomy

Lotus and water lilies both are members of the Nymphaeaceae family. It also includes other aquatic plants. They can be found both in temperate and tropical climates.

2. Leaf Characteristics

Waterlily leaves typically have an oval or round shape and can get as big as 18 inches in diameter. The leaves have reddish-purple lower surfaces and green upper surfaces.

3. Ecological Importance

Aquatic species like fish, turtles, and frogs rely on waterlilies for food and shelter. It also contributes significantly to the ecosystem by oxygenating the water. Waterlily also gives aquatic life cover.

4. Human Use

Waterlilies are beneficial to humans apart from being visually appealing. The waterlily’s roots use seen as a vegetable in some societies, and the seeds are grounded into flour.

5. Water Treatment

Waterlilies are significant in water treatment systems. It is due to their propensity to absorb contaminants and surplus nutrients from the water. Waterlilies are excellent for removing harmful substances from wastewater and helping purify the water.

6. Adaptability

Waterlilies can thrive in a variety of aquatic settings, from little ponds to deep lakes. These flowers are quite versatile.

7. Breathtaking Blooms

Waterlily flowers have some of the most identifiable and famous blooms in the entire globe. They have a variety of hues, and frequently have a sweet scent.

8. Multiple colors

When you presume a water lily, most probably, the classic white comes to mind. In reality, water lilies grow in a spectrum of colors, which includes pink, orange, red, yellow, blue, and purple. Some of them keep changing the color, as they age.

9. July’s Birth Flower 

Are you July Born? The Water lily is the flower for you. These bright yet elegant blooms are connected with July because it’s a summer flower. It blooms from May till September.

There are many amazing facts about waterlilies, which are wonderful aquatic plants. Waterlilies are not just beautiful, but they also have a crucial ecological role, serve a useful purpose for humans, and can adapt to many aquatic settings.

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