Verbena – The Summer Beauty

Verbena – Unknown facts about the summer beauty

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul…… Luther Burbank

And Verbena is a flower you can find almost everywhere across the globe. It has medicinal properties and is used widely as an ornamental plant. However, there are more unknown facts about this species. I am sure you will find them interesting, so please continue reading!

Verbena origin and characteristics

Verbena possesses the virtues of a long bloom season and heat tolerance. Verbena is a blooming perennial or sometimes annual flower species.

It belongs to the Verbenaceae family and has flowers in dense spikes with five petals. The flowers are typically small and come in shades of blue, white, pink, and purple.

The majority of its species are native to America and Asia.

Interesting unknown facts about Verbena

A. The flower is known by the name Verbena in the US and UK. However, it is also called Vervain or Verveine.

B. It is a genus of about 250 species grown as perennials or annuals, depending on the species and location.

C. While Verbena species are not poisonous, only the Common Verbena is edible.

D. Its application you will find in traditional medicine as a herbal tonic. However, there is no clear evidence of its effectiveness.

E. Some researchers say Verbena’s essence can help increase mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

F. Common Verbena is used to treat inflammation, cramps, and fever.

G. This genus is also associated with divine and supernatural forces.

H. In ancient Egypt, Verbena was called the Tear of Isis.

J. The Verbena essential oil (traded as Spanish verbena oil) holds significance in the herbalism industry.

Types of Verbena

After knowing the interesting facts about Verbena I wish to share with the information about its types.

Purpletop Verbena

American Vervain

The American verbena is the resident of North America, with bit different inflorescence. It flowers during the period July to September. The flowers are small and in color. These species are decorated in spikes, just like common verbena.

There are 4 sub types of American Vervain:

Blue Spires’: Blue-purple flowers

White Spires’: White flowers

Pink Spires’: White-pink flower

Rosea’: Pink flowers

Slender Vervai

Its the native of South America, and achieves a maximum height of about 60 cm. Slender Vervain appears like spike-like inflorescences. The flowers, bloom like hemispherical bunches. The flowering period is from June to October. It has 2 varieties:

‘Venosa’: Pink flowers

Lilac Blue’: Blue-purple flowers

Hoary Verbena

Hoary vervain is is the resident of North America. But you can plant it in your gardens. This verbena species is known for producing large individual flowers. You will find them displayed in spikes or as cylinders. The flowering period is from July till August. The blooming period is short and of just 4 weeks.

Verbenas are best known to be drought-resistant; they can tolerate partial to full sun and average soils.

Thus, many Verbena species, cultivars, and hybrids are present worldwide. They are grown as ornamental plants that hold medicinal properties.

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