Sunflower: Uncovering the Unknown Facts

Sunflower: Uncovering the Unknown Facts

Sunflowers are one of the most loved flowers in the world, with their large, bright yellow blooms and tall, sturdy stems. But, did you know that this lovely plant has a lot of little-known facts? 

The Summers turn cheerful and happy when you see the bright sunflowers blooming in your garden. The sunflowers are residents of North America.  

Massive cultivation of Sunflowers takes place in America for more than 4,500 years. Each part of the flower is edible and consumed by people. The flower is also known for decorative needs and gifting.

Intriguing Facts About Sunflowers

Here are some intriguing details about sunflowers that you might not be aware of:

A. The Sunflowers follow the Sun: 

Sunflowers are known for being heliotropic, which means that they spin their heads in the direction of the sun. The young sunflowers reflect this behavior more clearly because they want to enhance their level of photosynthesis. It follows a personalized biological clock and returns at night in its original position.

2. The Sunflowers have therapeutic qualities:

Traditional medicine made application of sunflowers to treat a range of diseases, from respiratory issues to snakebites. Many beauty experts mentioned sunflower oil is good for skin and hair.

3. Sunflowers can be used to clean up toxic waste: 


Sunflowers are excellent at absorbing toxic substances from the soil, such as lead, arsenic, and uranium. The process is called phytoremediation. The same is used to clean up contaminated land.

4. Sunflowers can reach heights of up to 30 feet:

 The largest sunflower ever observed stood at more than 30 feet! The majority of sunflowers, however, only reach heights of 6 to 10 feet. Hans-Peter Schiffer from Germany grew the 30 feet sunflower. Schiffer broke his records three times before the 30 feet record.  

5. Sunflowers are not only flowers:


Sunflowers are composite flower heads. It is made of hundreds of tiny blooms called florets, even though they are sometimes mistaken for flowers.

6. Sunflowers are a symbol of loyalty:

Since sunflowers always face toward the sun, they are considered a symbol of loyalty in many civilizations. Sunflowers symbolize lifespan, happiness, and cheerfulness.

7. Sunflowers are of different types:

8. Sunflower linked with mythology:

Have you heard about Clytie and Helios? As per Greek mythology, there is a myth about the sunflower. Clytie used to be a water nymph and was in love with the Sun god Helios. But Helios overlooked her in the love of another goddess. The mythological narration says that Clytie observed the movement of Helios in Golden Chariots for several days forgetting food and water. Clytie later transformed into Sunflower, and so always faces the Sun.

Sunflowers are not only beautiful plants, but they also possess a variety of interesting and valuable qualities. Sunflowers are certainly a miracle of nature in terms of their medicinal value and capacity to remove harmful waste. Always recollect all the fantastic things a sunflower can do while looking at one!

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