Rain Lily- The Flower Of Rains

Rain Lily – The flower that blooms after rain

Each flower blooms to display its beauty and to make its presence felt. Flowers have different meanings, symbolism, and unique properties that work for our betterment and well-being.

Today, my spotlight shifts to Rain Lily, the incredible flower that blooms after rain. Also known as fairy lily or zephyr lily, this flower is easy to maintain and aromatic. This Lily produces fast small number of seeds. These seeds spread via wind and water and bloom at different places. Rain lilies are available in variety of colors like purple, red, pink,white, or yellow. It belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family.

My introduction with Rain Lily happened in a funny way. I shifted to my new own house in 2019 and next day after house warming party I found a white cute flower blooming just below my Name plate. I wondered who planted this flower plant and just then the society gardener crossed my way and greeted me. I greeted him back with a smile and he asked me how the flower looks. I was little surprised with such a question and then he said the builder distributed plants to the gardeners to add in each villa garden. When I inquired about the name of the flower… got to know its Rain lily.

Knowing the Rain Lily which blooms after rain

Zephyranthes is a genus of over 200 species native to the Western Hemisphere. They have grass-like foliage with stalks supporting a single flower. These flowers have funnel-shape and range from yellow to pink and white.

It is a perennial flower bulb that will increase abundantly in your garden with little to no care.

Rain Lily’s Meaning and Symbolism

Their genus name is derived from the Greek words ‘Zephyrus’ and ‘anthos’, meaning the Greek god of West wind and flower, respectively.

It is also called Rain Lily because it usually blooms after heavy rains.

Rain lilies symbolize new beginnings, great expectations, and rebirth. They remind us that joy is unpredictable and can be just around the corner. Thus, they also symbolize joy and happiness.

Interesting facts about Rain Lily

A. Their leaves can be poisonous if consumed by humans or animals in large amounts.

B. They are gifted as a sign of good luck in many cultures.

C. They are also called Fairy Lilies or Magic Lilies because they tend to appear out of nowhere.

D. They usually bloom after heavy rains, and most flowers are fragrant.

E. They close up at night and open again in the morning.

Benefits and Uses of Rain Lily

Rain lily contains alkaloids, a biochemically toxic compound that gives it possible medicinal properties.

In early times, different species of Rain Lily had been used for tumors, breast cancer, diabetes, and tuberculosis. It was also used for simple problems like cough, cold, and headache.

Nowadays, it is also cultivated as an ornamental plant.

Rain Lily, Fairy Lily, Magic Lily, Autumn Lily, whatever you call this beautiful blooming flower, it is a great choice to add to your garden or to gift someone.

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