Reading Habits That Helped Me in Reading More

Reading Habits That Helped Me in Reading More

Reading has always been an essential and integral part of my life. Since childhood, I have looked forward to exploring new books and authors. Though the genres I took an interest in have varied over the years. But, the habit of reading has remained constant, or perhaps, increased.

What I realized in so many years is that the habit of reading requires nurturing for sustenance. If one does a given work regularly, one will master that task. But, if there is absenteeism or irregularity, the aptitude may eventually fade away.

As I did not want my reading skills to diminish, I started following some techniques. These methods helped me to peruse more and sustain my interest in reading. This account discusses these habits that can increase one’s reading skills effectively.

Set a Dedicated Space

Reading should involve discipline and dedication. So, a space or corner designated only for this purpose greatly surges this interest. Many people have reading rooms or libraries in their homes. But, I had dedicated a specific corner of my bedroom to the reading space.

What is important is that I moved to the table and chair each time I wanted to read something. It gave me a sense of discipline and dedication and also increased my willpower. My mind got habituated to the corner and knew what to focus on.

Use Digital Tools

Physical reading may not always be the appropriate choice in today’s digitized era. Under such situations, what to do? One can easily install reading software or applications on their system.

E-reading is the next level of reading and comes with a great extent of convenience. What I liked best about digital reading? Whenever I wanted to try a new book, I did not have to rush to the bookstore. My next read was a click away, and before I realized it, I would have already read a few pages.

Take Part In Reading Challenges

Reading challenges are a great way to enhance the flair of perusing. The concerned websites ask the participants to finish specific books in a given time. I could maintain the enthusiasm of completing the book when I participated in such challenges.

Moreover, I got the opportunity to test my reading skills and speed. It allowed me to identify myself better.

Leverage Travel Time

Most of us travel for a considerable period in a given day. Instead of pondering mundane thoughts, making our travel time productive is wiser. I always carried a book or two in my bag and read them whenever I had nothing to do while traveling.

I found this habit useful as I filled my mind with positive content instead of wasteful thoughts. Moreover, on days when I had a tough schedule, I did not have to dedicate any separate time to reading.

Peruse Poetry

There are times when I want a break from conventional books. But, I do not give up this habit. Instead, I read poetry by famous or new poets.

Poetry gives me a chance to be imaginative and decipher the compact content. I can perceive the aptitude of reading in an entirely new arena when I use my brain to comprehend the lines.

Curtail Screen Time

Screen time may be necessary to know about global happenings. But binge-watching TV shows or movies may not be as healthy as reading books. I began curtailing on screen time and reading books during that period. I eventually noticed changes in my mindset.

Not only I felt fresh after completing the pages, but I was also satisfied with utilizing the time wisely. At the end of the day, I could answer myself about using two to three hours, which I would have otherwise spent glued to the box.

Include In Bedtime Routine

If a person wants to surge one’s reading skills, incorporating it into a routine is a great option. I make it a point to read a new or already-read book before I sleep. Most mornings, I would find myself with the book on my face. I would not remember how many pages I could manage to finish.

But, I like the lulling effect of the words and the effortlessness with which I go to sleep each night. Most importantly, I do not require sleeping pills, addictive substances, or social media accounts to slow down my mind for sleep. My books are friendly entities that make my mind peaceful enough to sleep.

Try Various Genres

Sometimes, I feel that I have read many thriller books, and I want to try something else. Maybe I am not a comic genre fan, but I still read it to sustain my habit. What I eventually realized is that trying different genres helps maintain my aptitude.

One will never get bored of perusing books. So, the next time you feel you have had too much reading, change the genre, not the habit.

Try Audiobooks

Many of us may find it difficult to take time out for reading. It is where audiobooks become very handy. Listening to narration is another type of reading through our ears, not our eyes. When we read, we use our eyes, but it is our mind that focuses on the content. Likewise, when we listen to an audiobook, our mind still concentrates. It is just that the input device is different.

Moreover, I can work in my kitchen or do any task that does not need my total attention span. We do many things in a day that do not need full attention. Humans are creatures of habit, and we keep repeating tasks day in and out. Today, people remain stressed due to their overthinking patterns. But they are looking for solutions whatsoever. The idea is not to stop thinking but to think right. When we listen to positive content while in auto-pilot mode, our mind naturally thinks right.

The Closing Thoughts

Reading is much more than just a hobby or pastime. It makes a person more stable, focused, committed, and sincere. In today’s fast-moving lifestyle, it is important to understand the value of concentration to read or listen to a book. The above-mentioned habits helped me enhance my reading flair and skills. Hopefully, this article will help those who want to develop this aptitude.

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